Live like a local and fall in love with the Italian lifestlye!

Forbes Magazine has recently named Lucca, situated in the north-west of Tuscany, as having one of the most idyllic lifestyles in Europe. The small bars, cafes, antique shops and boutiques stand side by side with Lucca’s hundred churches and medieval towers, making it appear like an open-air museum brought to life by its vibrant population. Despite becoming increasingly popular among tourists, Lucca has retained the discreet charm of by-gone times and its combination of beauty, elegance and simplicity makes it truly unique. It is the ideal place from which to set out on daily excursions, and then later return to take in the sights at the outdoor cafes that line its charming squares.

With its historic centre closed to car traffic, Lucca’s spectacular tree-lined avenue perched above the city’s 16th century ancient walls, is well loved by the local residents.  At different times of the day, you’ll see people going for their daily passeggiata. Others running or on their bikes.

You will come away with some amazing snapshots of premium vineyards and ancient olive groves, medieval towers and scenic piazzas and lots of other gems.  Other highlights include visiting the picturesque town of Pietrasanta, known as the ‘small Athens’ of Italy; meeting the craftsmen and women who have mastered the age-old traditions of making wine, olive oil, cheese and artisan foods; visiting the sumptuous villas from the Napoleonic era. And last but not least an excursion by mini-coach to the spectacular Cinque Terre and Portovenere. Does it get any better? We don’t think so!


Non-cycling friends and partners welcome

If you’re travelling with a non-cycling partner or family, they have the option to participate in cooking classes,  art workshops or  sightseeing, while you ride. Let us know their requirements, and we’ll be happy to offer some great options.


  • A full immersion in the much celebrated Italian culture and lifestyle in the city of Lucca
  • Visiting family-owned vineyards where you will taste seasonal delicacies, premium wine and olive oil
  • Guided walking tour of the city of Lucca
  • A private cooking class
  • Dining at authentic and off-the-beaten track restaurants
  • Shopping in Lucca’s superb boutiques and antique market
  • Visits to Pietrasanta, known as the ‘small Athens’ of Italy, the coastal town of Viareggio, the iconic Pisa tower, the Grand villas of the Napoleonic era, the Cinque Terre and Portovenere.

Day by Day

Day 1
Route (15km):

We collect our bikes from the best-equipped bike shop in town and go for a warm up ride along the spectacular tree-lined avenue perched above the city’s ancient walls. Thanks to their grandeur and state of conservation, they have characterized the history and power of Lucca over the ages and have become symbolic of the city itself. The circuit, which is 30 metres in width and 4.2 km in length, provides an ideal place for bike riding. There are six entrance gates situated in the city’s wall bastions, which once stored ammunition and offered shelter for the soldiers defending the city. Continue to explore the city by foot and stop for coffee at one of Lucca’s beautiful cafes.

Day 2
Route (60km):

Wine and olive oil Route, Montecarlo Lucca
Today the route starts north-east of Lucca, in the direction of the village of Monte S. Quirico (on the banks of the Serchio River) just outside Lucca, from there we’ll admire the city from afar.  We continue our ride via a bike track that runs alongside the river and head towards the village of Ponte San Pietro. Then we head off to S. Alessio and after 1km we turn in the direction of the Wine and  Olive Oil Route of Montecarlo and the Lucchesi hills. Lots of tastings and local history will be shared. Our ride continues taking us through tiny quaint villages, one of which still displays the ruins of an ancient castle.

At lunch we are hosted by Aurelio Barattini at his own Restaurant ‘L’Antica Locanda di Sesto’. A sumptuous lunch in an atmosphere of true Tuscan conviviality is an everyday affair in this part of the world!

Day 3
Route (50km):

The Grand Villas of Lucca
From Lucca we head north-east on the ss12 del Brennero towards an area known as ‘Via delle ville’ (avenue of the grand estates). There we come face-to-face with the majestic Lucchesi villas once owned by noble families such as Elisa Baciocchi, the sister of Napoleon whom he had named sovereign of Lucca. The villa known as Villa Reale boasts also 17th century gardens, a natural open-air theatre and a Camellia trail. We continue our ride to Villa Grabau at San Pancrazio. Built in the 16th century upon the ruins of a medieval castle by the Diodati, a wealthy family of merchants. The nine hectares of park-land are amongst the most interesting in Lucca’s surrounding territory both for its form and the richness and rarity of the plant species present in the various architectural gardens. We head off towards the majestic Villa Oliva, Villa Mansi and Villa di Camigliano.

Day 4
Route (0) :

Lucca’s historic centre
Today we enjoy a day of leisure within the city walls. In fact, no visit to Lucca is complete without seeing its major landmarks. We start by visiting the Puccini Museum, where the famous opera composer was born in 1858. Soon after we head towards the Guinigi Tower, emblem of the importance of one of the most famous families of Lucca. Its height  consists in 44.25 metres and after completing its 230 steps, perched on top of its summit there is a hanging garden with seven century-old oak trees. The spectacular panorama seen from above is something you won’t easily forget. The tower is the last testimony of the 250 towers that existed during medieval times. Strolling along Lucca’s winding cobbled streets, we cross the fashionable street of Via Filungo, and arrive in the Roman amphitheatre. The only thing remaining from the time it was constructed by the Romans in II century AD, is the unique square that once could hold up to 10,000 spectators. Feel free to discover the shops, cafes and museums of this beautiful city.

Day 5
Route (65km):

We depart from the historical centre of Lucca and head south on the ss12, via Pisana vecchia, an old Roman trade road which stretches across a distance of around 25kms from Lucca to Pisa. Along the route we will come across medieval forts, a Roman aqueduct and a Medici Villa. We arrive in Pisa and head straight to the magnificent leaning tower and continue to admire it from a side cafe in Piazza dei Miracoli. We then take a detour  towards  Piazza Garibaldi to taste one of Tuscany’s best artisan luxury chocolates from a master chocolatier. We then head back along a different route that takes us along the Serchio valley. We stop to enjoy lunch made from local produce for which the area is best known.

Day 6
Route (55km):

Viareggio and Pietrasanta
Today we head off north-west towards the coastal town of Viareggio. This is going to be a ride that requires going slightly uphill. If you are intrigued by neoclassical architecture you can admire the Savoy Cinema, the Duilio shops, the Grand Café Margherita, which was an all time favorite of composer Giacomo Puccini. Viareggio is also renown for its boating design and construction, with its dockyards filled with the yachts of the rich and famous. Not far from there, the real Italy comes alive during the open-air fish market where the fishermen flaunt their daily catch by calling out to the crowds. We continue to ride along the seafront promenade, before heading  towards Pietrasanta, a medieval town in the foothills of the Apuan Alps. It is home to many artists and sculptors, known as ‘small Athens’, it has been one of the most important centres of sculpture since the time of Michelangelo.

Day 7

Cinque Terre excursion
Today we comfortably relax on the mini-coach as we travel towards the Cinque Terre and Portovenere. A UNESCO heritage listed site, this wonderland of a place is admired by visitors from all over the world. As we walk along the path we stop to visit the quaint villages with its colourful homes that look onto the beautiful cobalt sea. Later we enjoy a delicious meal recommended by the locals.

Eat & Ride Getaway

Location: Lucca, Tuscan cities, Cinque Terre
Type of Tour: Private Bike Tour
Length: Tailored to your requirements
Level: Intermediate (you must able to ride 2-3 hours per day)
Distance: 250km
Start: Lucca
Finish: Lucca
Accommodation: Villa or apartment in historical centre
Price: Quoted to you at the time of request



During the Tour
  • Bike tour led by local and highly experienced tour leaders
  • Superb food & wine tastings at local wineries
  • Best trattorias and handpicked restaurants
  • Excursion by mini-coach to the Cinque Terre
  • Guided walking tour of the city of Lucca
Support and Planning
  • Support van throughout tour
  • Two shuttle services for excursions
  • Bike rental equipped with odometer, seat bags and bike pump, small rear bag with spare tube and tire iron, water bottle and bike helmet