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Have you ever visited Italy and felt that you missed out on connecting with the locals? By learning Italian you’ll become an expert in the many facets of Italian culture. Italians are always happy when foreigners try their best to communicate with them and will welcome your attempts. Cast away your fears, next time you are in Italy try walking into a deli and ordering some food for your picnic. You could start off by saying: “Buongiorno, vorrei una mozzarella ed un etto di prosciutto cotto, una ciabatta e delle olive”. Or go elbow-to-elbow with the belle signore at the markets and listen how they strike a deal with the greengrocer. Plus there are some great benefits in learning a new language. According to research studies, it may help in accelerating cognitive development and higher order thinking skills. As we grow older it also prevents memory loss. All great reasons to sign up for a beginner, intermediate or advanced language course in Italy. And if cooking is a passion of yours, why not join a cooking course and learn new skills? You’ll meet other students from different parts of the world.


The Dante Alighieri Society – and the Committee of Siena are accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for promoting and developing the Italian language and culture abroad.

The Dante Alighieri language institute in Siena, organizes courses according to language proficiency and special interests. For over two decades, it has been one of the main founders of the prestigious Dante Alighieri Society which is recognized as one of the leading institutes and promoters of the Italian Language and Culture worldwide. Located in a historical building within the medieval walls, right in the center of town, the institute is made-up of 25 well-lit classrooms, panoramic terraces, leisure reading room, recreation room and piano, a well-stocked library, in-house Internet and WI-FI connection, a full professionally equipped kitchen and frescoed dining room, accommodation services and attractive recreational programs.


Dante Alighieri Siena operates a unique system of Continuous Enrollment in which students are able start a course on just about any Monday of the year depending on the individual’s language level. There are six different language levels which are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students take a written and spoken placement test in order to assess the most appropriate language level. All courses are intensive and cover as many linguistic areas as possible which is ideal for those who are looking forward to learning Italian in Italy.

Besides Siena, there are also study options in Viterbo, near Rome and the beautiful island of Ischia.


With rising university fees in most countries, studying to become a doctor in Italy may save you thousands of dollars. But in order to do so, you need to sit for the IMAT, the Medical Admission Test to medical school and scientific faculties. It is conducted by the Italian Ministry of Higher education and Research (MUIR). The Dante Alighieri Institute organizes a specific University Preparation Course, providing you with the skills to succeed.

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