Draw inspiration from the Latin adage ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ – a healthy mind in a healthy body. True, biking comes first but at the same time stop along the way to take in the culture and beauty of the place you are visiting. Be prepared to shut out the distractions of your busy world and reflect on what really counts in life. Rediscover yourself and humanity’s generosity, and come home feeling enriched, inspired and re-energised…An experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Celebrate life and indulge in the delicious seasonal produce at various restaurants along the way. Wander through medieval ancient towns, visit food markets or simply join the locals at one of the cafes in the main piazzas.  Discover the exciting itineraries we have created for your next bike  adventure Giro Gourmet Siena and Lovely Lucca.

Sustainable tourism

To us, sustainable tourism is the only way to ensure the preservation of Italy’s cultural and natural heritage. We bear it in mind at every turn, and ensure we promote local folklore, events and traditions.

Private bike tours

Why not create your own bike tour? If you are a group of friends or colleagues, you could share the costs of renting a villa, as well as the  joy that comes with riding a bike in good company.   We create  custom-made  itineraries lead by reliable  and expert bike tour leaders. Highlights include visits to local producers with delicious tastings, discovering historical anecdotes on the towns you visit, as well as a full immersion in the Italian culture.


  • Support van throughout tour
  • Baggage drop-off
  • Shuttle services
  • Bike rental equipped with odometer, seat bags and bike pump, small rear bag with spare tube and tire iron, water bottle and bike helmet
"Each day we cycled with Guidi we were embraced by her infectious charisma. She was authoritative, insightful and fun. Stopping for drinks and photographs while gently guiding us through the most spectacular countryside. We had the best experience".

Rachel James, Australia

"Gianfranco, our bike leader demonstrated his amazing skills as we toured the area surrounding one of Europe’s highest mountains, the Monte Bianco. He encouraged me along the way, inciting me to never give up!"

Monica Bellini, Italy

"As a pro cyclist from Belgium, Tuscany is the ideal place to train for my races. But the terrain is also suitable for riders of all levels. The roads and hills around Lucca are simply spectacular. For several years, Tim has provided his expertise and every time it has been an amazing experience!"
Nick Wynants, Belgian pro cyclist
"Giampaolo is an expert rider with a profound knowledge of Siena and its surroundings. A passionate bike rider, trustworthy and reliable, someone you can count on."

Fabio Masotti, author of 'Riding in the Chianti'