Why Veritas Italy?

As a child I could hardly wait for the beginning of the school holidays. Each summer, together with my family we would farewell Rome and set sail to the island of Elba, the birthplace of my maternal ancestors. It was during this wonderful part of my life that I understood the importance of sharing a meal with family and close friends, as well as with guests arriving from different parts of the world. Each day we would gather around a rustic old table filled with all sorts of farm to table delicacies. It was there that we began to share our dreams and aspirations for the future.

Today, Veritas Italy aims to create cultural connections between like-minded people who are eager to  experience the real Italy.  Over the years,  we have built a trustworthy network of people who excel in their field of expertise, men and women who are passionate about sharing their insider knowledge.  To us, sustainable tourism is the only way to ensure the preservation of Italy’s cultural and natural heritage. We bear it in mind as we strive to promote local folklore, events and traditions.

Get to know us through Events a Tavola. It’s our brand new social dining network with travel theme events taking place in a number of beautiful cities. Share your passion for Italy and be part of a growing community.

Buon viaggio!